Seeing People

Or is it money and power?

Boy, by now, you think we would have that down to a science, at least for the majority of the people. I mean keeping in mine all the good stuff we do and have, cars, houses, technology and generally speaking; the comforts of life. We do have them "but", there is a problem with sharing. They come with a pretty high price tag. These problems are self-inflicted. We portray one thing and do another. Seeing see not; hearing hear not and neither do we understand with our hearts?

Why do intelligent people who see the signs of the times not make choices for the common good? Eyes to see, hears to here.

We are bound by a deceit of appearances, which destroys physical and spiritual life. We scam each other to keep that going and the truth is disguised and discouraged.

When we look at people through our own eyes, we can be insensitive, prejudiced, and harshly judgmental. We need to find somebody to blame. Though I am good, I am guilty. Some people will make it their business to get under your skin. Plus, it has been my experience that our current system, seems to condone evil and corruption, making it even harder not to seek revenge. We put more effort into complicating matters than we do into simplifying them. Writing has been very educational and therapeutic for me. Finding a nonviolent, but effective way to express myself to myself?

People who see, need to see people who are in love. There they can see people sharing love. For many the door will be shut and they can not enter. The last will be first and the first will be last. What goes around comes around.

I am no love expert, as a matter of fact, I need to see one; but I do have good feelings and they tell me what is good or not so good for me.

See through new eyes, eyes of mercy. Isn’t there enough love to go around? You never know ones plight.

Let's ask God to help us see others as He does. Ask God for a heart of mercy and compassion, the kind of heart God has for us. Show mercy to others so long as you desire mercy to be shown to you.

Don’t give up or capitol punishment will take over.


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