Segregation within Integration

When do black TEACHERS stop being Black Teachers,

You haven’t achieve “SHIT”? You have made your enemy keep your asses segregated within integration. You are down further than what you were and you are handicapping our future.

Divide and Conquer, optical illusion, compromising your worth, toxic poison, suppressing your own to enable your enemy, I am telling you your day is coming.

If they are doing that shit you what are you doing to them? How do dispel and optical illusion?

Why do we put band aids over sores, why don’t we clean the wound first, why not treat the first signs, why not get to the root of the problem, how did we enable this, did we know, do we know? IF you know why don’t you perform better?

Constipation, there’s so much in side of you, that it has compacted to the point it’s harder to excrete than it is to let it stay in…toxic poison in every aspect of life. Why do we take all this shit when we do not know how to excrete it?

Why do you suppress/sacrifice your ideas in order to assume the responsibilities for your enemy? Why do you discard the knowledge of your parents and forefather for the knowledge of your enemy? What did black folk do before white folk?

Black achieved more in segregation than they ever achieved in Integration. Where are the Phyllis Wheatley’s… What are we doing with what we have? Why do we stand idly by watching while immigrant workers take everything for which we have worked? Think about your future? Why do you not think your enemy will not do to you what they did to them? They did not think their enemy would divide and conquer them by taking what they were teaching and sharing with them? I am telling YOUR DAY IS COMING.

You are paying too much, you are giving too much and you are taking too little, you are compromising your worth?

You should have accepted human rights instead of civil rights, segregation within integration and it is in every facet and aspect of American Life--EXPOITATION.

YOu are different and there is a reason for that!

(((your inner

Winning them All

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