Win them All

Win them All

Night in review, can you win them all, how?

Team, if you ain’t playing your part on the team, you ain’t on the team. In order to be on the team you must play your part.

If you are on a good team, you will be a good player, but if you are on a bad team, you’ll feel defeated, while you can’t beat them all. For whatever season can you play? Are you well-rounded, balanced?

Controlling all your time, is that something about what do you want to accomplish? Is it mean or what? Is it something wrong? Are you paying attention, is that acceptable? Who does it benefit? It’s like roaches when you turn the lights on.

Why do you fail me? I will not fail thee? What happens when the faculty plays the students? Are you through for the night? You’re tracing a dream, instead make it happen.oo I can point you in the right direction, but it is your choice.

It's hard times for everybody. Time is rough on everybody. If you catch anybody giving away some free shit then you better be cautious. If you know somebody giving away some free shit, please let me know, because I need some free shit too. If you don't have the tools, it's harder to do the job. You are not real.

(((your inner

The Real You

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