Self Examination

This is a time for self examination, a time to exam me. The application of psychoanalytic techniques and theories to an analysis of one's own personality and behavior, esp. without the aid of a psychiatrist or other trained person. What exactly is my personality and behavior?


  1. What exactly is my purpose in life and am I working it?

  2. What are my views, on war, violence and hatred, and am I acting accordingly?

  3. Am I spiritual and Kind?

  4. How is my personal relationship with God?

  5. Is it for real or is it fake?

  6. Am I living and working as a Believer or am I acting?

  7. How often and how much time do I spend with my God?

  8. Do I spend more time examining the relationship of others my own?

  9. Do I talk to Him and listen when He talks to me?

  10. Am I obedient?

  11. For whom am I living and working?

  12. Am I living and working to help others as well as myself?

Hatred and Violence begets hatred and violence and the abuse continues.


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