The yellow brick road?

Is there a such thing as too much kindness, is there enough kindness, why not?

Looks like we've just run out of good things to do together and frustration is taking over.

It takes courage to be kind, especially during difficult times, but it is during those times kindness counts most.

Your kindness is my weakness. Most people I meet just want to be left a lone and I oblige because caught off guard I don't know what else to do. You can say our actions are viral. Rollover for details. We'll do right by you. Let us work with you to get the perfect coverage, OK? The only thing in which we are most interested is SELLING. Look how much time, attention and effort we put into selling. What does that have to do with kindness?

Do I deserve THAT? Do you deserve it? Can you give it? Is your kindness just for/to certain people? What does that make you? What does that make me? How do you desire to be treated? When you can not help yourself, what kind of helper do you want?

Kindness share it. Is there enough to go around? Kindness, random acts of kindness, Share them!

Is this a kind world or mean, rude or ignorant world? What makes it that way? Are you too important to be kind? Do we teach you how to be kind? What is kindness? What about yes sir and no sir, phony or for real? Do we really respect the spirit in each other or do we do that just to sell ourselves? Am I unkind to myself, when I am not kind to others?

Being kind means being willing to make the first move.

How can I expect what I am not willing to give? If you do not give it, why should, how can I receive it? Does being kind make you appear to be weak? Am I riding on the acts of kindness done by others, power, armed and dangerous? Will that power get me through tough times? Was there something I did not do? Could I have been more kind in any kind of way?

If I am not kind to anyone else, I am going to be kind to myself. Follow the yellow brick road!

Kindness, I am a kind and loving human being. I feel connected to my spiritual center within. When I am kind to others, I help light up their world. Through the smallest acts of kindness, my love is expressed.

When I offer my time and attention, a compassionate word or a caring touch, I am honoring your presence. I acknowledge and value you.

Kindness removes all tiredness and strain. It lightens the mood, floods the mind and body with joyous energy. Loving others brings me love.

When you get too old to take care of yourself, on what or who will you depend?

Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness will find life and honor. Kindness is the only currency needed.

(((your inner voice)))

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