How Do I Get It

Self-discipline enables us to accomplish the extraordinary!

So many of us have given up on maintaining a healthy balance in our choice of lifestyles. Too easily, we lose our drive and look for comfort in other areas. Then, if we are not very careful, we get down in the dumps and for temporary relief of our hurt and pain we trade-off for immediate gratification in another area. Often that leads to the development of another bad habit, compounding our problems. We want it when we want it and we want it now! Our lives are kept off balance. Some believes self-discipline starts with the rod.

When it is all said and done, we often wish we had practiced self-discipline to go through whatever it was, now I am still not accepted by my friends, plus I have a smoking habit. Had I practiced self-discipline, I would be stronger in my faith, but I am now weaker. We look for help and answers in all the wrong places.

It’s those times when we are most vulnerable; we abandoned our faith for poor decisions. With me, all things are possible? Wait on me and I will renew your strength? I will direct you?... Peer pressure leads you to believe in quick fixes for all your problems.

So how do I get self-discipline? I get self-discipline through Reading, studying and practicing my faith.

Read, study and practice your faith so we can all get along much better.

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