Domestic Violence

Is it a cure, a last result?

The reality of it? It's part of our history, traditions and religion.

There are some who would tell you that you can't help yourself. That the only way to combat violence is with violence. Sometimes you just can't help yourself - Self-defense.

Okay, let's kill this right here: As a last result should I shoot you?

Saying yes means saying everybody should have a gun, which makes PEOPLE NERVOUS? So how does having a gun bring you any sense of peace, you and everyone else will have to know how to use it. Do you shoot friendlies? Well, if we all gon have guns, you'll have to find a better way to settle disputes, it couldn't be with a gun.

There is so much senseless shooting and killing going on in our communities, it makes you want to go out and get a gun. Well, why in the hell did we ever get away from it in the first place - the old west?

Have you ever seen one of those people who go looking for trouble? They'll do shit just to provoke you - try you, test you, betray you and finally; Abuse you? Educate before it's too late!

Ever been married to a spouse like that? They'll make you do some crazy shit. And those are the first signs of domestic abuse and violence? Could you detect them and warrant it off? Expand you life

How can I maturely and responsible say or excuse myself for killing your child, because I wasn't paying attention, snapped. What if I shot you back? Where does it stop? Doesn't it stop with your bullet? Your training? Your education? Have you learned better by now? What happened before guns?

Now, if you really got some nerve: Write, post something that makes sense to a Bull Frog right here. Keep the lines of communication open.

I think on Carolyn Thomas, do you reckon her face was shot off because she didn't recognize the signs or her husband just snapped? “God allowed me to survive for some reason and I just had to learn how to be strong.”

I am going to surmise with you that anyone shooting anyone is a YELLOW BELLIED COWARD, even themselves.

It's better to be shot avoiding a shooting, than to be shot trying to prove a point. How can you bring about peace with violence? We all are guilty and that's why I write. As they come to me, i let them go. Why allow stress and frustrations to build-up? The rod probably means a "switch" to you.

(((your inner

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