A good time

What exactly is a good time any more?

Are you as proficient in the art of making love as you are sex? $10 is ten dollars.

What about sex? What’s the difference between sex, making love and Fu**ing? Oh how we lie to ourselves.

I’ve heard a lot of things prescribed, but very few prescriptions for this, which is the best cure for many problems, issues and illnesses, including stress. We’d rather prescribe and consume a mind altering drug than to tell the truth - go get you get some. Why is that?

Experience has taught me and I have learned from observing, I wonder what happened to the good time? How is it a goodtime to be walking around always tethered to a piece of electronic equipment? Is it a fashion statement, do you appear to more intelligent, influential, safe and secure. Is it all a false sense of security?

Speaking of false sense of security, what can you do on South Beach that you can't do in Milledgeville or Pelham, Georgia? Why are we so concerned about what our neighbors think and say at home and not in New York City? And get a hold on this, they're (small towns) the biggest offenders - Go figure. Small towns make big cities. Where is racism most prevalent? Why did black folk flee the south, not leave, but flee.

How do women get pregnant, is it a secret, is it taboo, do you not want your parents to see you being impregnated? How is that disrespectful? Why do we make it that way? Knowing all we know why are we getting worse? They say, what you do in the dark will come to the light.

How do very smart thinking mature adults get themselves bogged down in and with the act of fucking, when everybody doing it? How does the language become too strong for it’s people? Why do we give such negative connotation to our words and lifestyle? You see, that is why I challenge our system of education. Is it the word or the act or both? Is rape a better word? What about incest? You can accept gay and lesbian but what are they doing – broke back…? Fucking, that one word just throws the political and socially correct people off balance, yet they say, it alright behind, closed doors, as long as you use protection. Whose protection is it?

How can that act be private? Where, how are you supposed to carry it out? Then when you come out pregnant, what are people suppose to know. Is there some form of magic by calling it making love, when we are steady making war? How does the word abortion sounds? If the act of making love is so sacred, then why isn't there more love in our hearts and the world? Is that when you do it behind closed doors nobody knows, people can have a good time with or without? Is it nasty Mr. Brown?

Why are we so offended by a word? Who gives power to words? Does being out of sight make it okay? Do you need doors because you may be with someone else’s partner? Does being out of sight make it a curiosity factor? Is it because we create our own drama because we strive off of drama?

A Good time, do you have time, can you read and write? Are reading and writing two of the oldest skills in the history of the world? Are they our best form of communications, outside of the spirit? How do you gain knowledge? Why the Bible if you ain't going to read and obey? Why yourself when you ain't going to listen and obey?

What’s the difference between sex, making love and Fu**ing?

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