Sex or Love

Do you have time? What will you give to your children?

Why do we complicate matters so? Sex, why give such meaning to such a beautiful word? Would you cause hurt, harm or danger to something you love?

It is not the sex you want, but the love you need! That unconditional bond and common denominator, from seed to death? Is there such a thing, unconditional, common denominator or are we all that different? How do you have sex? How do you make love?

In sex, there is no commitment, endless power struggles, constant chaos and confusion, leaving you feeling empty, disappointed, manifesting in hate, anger and violence. Hurt, harm and danger, all for no rhyme or reason?

In love it is all about total commitment, rain, sleet and snow. You want to be there with all your heart, mind and soul. In love you gain confidence, safety and security and it is all in knowing.

So if you feel no great sense of commitment in any of your relationships, then what are you doing? Take if from someone who is willing to admit, they are missing it all.

Can you have one without the other? Which comes first? Then, why do you attempt to do otherwise? If you do otherwise, what will be the result? Is that not suicidal?

12345, you have to crawl before you can walk? What is the feeling of never having to crawl?

False expectations, what will I give my children? (((Your inner voice))) or ruin, death and destruction.

Your inner

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