Sharing Information

Why are we so prone not to share valuable information?

Remember when we couldn't say anything? Deaf and Dumb? Why do parents teach children how to talk?

Now, we have the opportunity for "freedom of speech"??? Is it that we do not know what to say? Is it that we do not see a need to meet up and talk, instead of being talked down to? What information do you keep and what information do you share? Have we forgotten. Are you hiding or do you want people to know you, respect you?

Lines of communication (((LOC)))How do hostilities build up?

What good does that do? Why don’t we listen to each other? Why do government officials, school teachers, clergy… have a more meaningful relationship with your children, than their parents? Ae you paying the state to raise your children?

Logic and reason, common sense, why are we encouraged to forego them for scientific reports, something “we the people” cannot prove? Is there a law forbidding citizens to band together for decision making purposes? Who rules, is the people or the leaders? How can I love and respect self, when I do not love and respect you? That is why sharing information is so important. We must keep lines of communications open and clear.

When a POW is capture, what do they want from him, why? The inside scoop, intentions, plans, execution. So why don’t you want us to know what your plans are, if they are well intended? Why share half, is half misleading or factual?

The value of your life, why is it less important today than ever? Hirelings, do our elected officials, leaders care about the very people they are sworn to serve?

Why are we educated against thinking for ourselves? Why are we pitted against each other; when peace, love and happiness is a lot more prosperous? What’s so hard or complicated about all of this? Is there a such thing as causing us to destroy ourselves- economic collapse?

Why would anyone want to see you destroyed, confused and in chaos? Why would you allow that?

Alzheimer’s disease, the nation’s sixth leading cause of death.

The most important thing we can share is information. Good, bad and indifferent, LOCs must remain open, clear and meaningful between the people and within a people, in order for us to prevail.

I can't promise perfection, but I do promise open doors if you take the time and care to unlock them. Be a part of the movement to reclaim our future, TALK, TALK, TALK. The more we listen to each other the more we learn about each other.

(((your inner

Know your heart!

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