Shitting in your own backyard

Art, don't mess up your own backyard.

I call it some of that old Grandma and Pa wisdom

Are you wandering exactly what that means and how does it apply to you today? How big is your backyard?

These are valuable lessons learned that are far too often overlooked and ignored, since the beginning of America until now. Anymore, we are offended by them. Go figure!

Because you can figure it out, doesn't mean others won't. Everybody is trying to get somewhere. People are on a mission with a purpose, but the thing how are we guiding them?

There are many out there who will "put you on the wrong road home". And that's for many reasons, mostly because they are on the wrong road. Then, there are those who think it's funny.

Right off the bat, you would say, "I do not do that". However, when you look around and see all the stealing, killing and destruction, you can't help but notice. If you look at education alone, most of our high school graduates will not get a job and those who do, they are no way, shape, form or fashion prepared. Look at the quality of clerks and cashiers? Are we getting better or worse?

How hard is it to find the right contractor for the job? It is easy to find one to take your money, but beware; more than likely, they will screw you every time.

The reality of all this, is a direct result of the training we have put forth. So hence this title is a wake-up call.

Do not shit in your own backyard and then turn around and step in it. The opposite of that is how to screw yourself and your neighbor.

(((your inner

Shooting it in the backyard?

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