Shooting in The Backyard?

Don't waste time?

You know that divide line, rich on one side, poor on another! Is that true? Why?

Sick on one side, healthy on the other? There are two sides to every story. Love hate?

Neighborhoods, what is exactly suppose to happen there? Forget all that ideal stuff and tell the truth. Does anybody know? Not the ideal, but the real deal. Can you handle the "real deal"?

How are we shooting in the backyard, why? And then came John Adams And Tyler Lamb! They got some new ideas. Neighborhoods, just what are we supposed to do there? Do you have time, do even know what going on? Sad isn't it? All these years, the rich has been shooting in the backyard? Do you believe that? How many was killed today in your backyard? Now, the poor are shooting back?

That is the only way we can come out of this recession. The rich folk got us into it and the poor folk has got to bail us all out. No other way around it and please don't waste time? More innovation and entrepreneurship?

We've got some very smart and talented people out there, but do we ever give them a chance? Just think about that for a moment, it has got to change. Stupid is as Stupid does. How can we be so careless with our money and debts. Is that we just don't make me say it - shooting in the backyard?

Would you ask them to stop? If you want to practice shooting, why don't you try a gun range?

Watch for your neighbors in the backyard! Don't shoot at them?

By his stripes.

Pulling you up, dusting you off?

(((your inner

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