Sitting in Silence

What's the difference between you and me?

Are you smarter? Do you have time? Does evil triumph Good? Wait broke the wagon. Is tomorrow promised? You say live like there's no tomorrow... You see it and feel helpless, hopeless...

What good does it do to know something but not practice it? Depending on what it is,,, no… it is the ability to see things as they are and that is a factor of intimidation to those who are against us - the wicked, the treacherous ... Against us are those who are wicked and treacherous. There is something very immoral about putting someone in 60-80 thousand dollars of debt, just to get a $25 thousand dollar “dead-end” job.

Now, if that ain’t enough, do the math on the number of high school graduates versus the number of jobs available??? Talk about sitting on silence. One cover up after another.

WE say good triumphs evil, so why are we so engrossed in cronyism and corruption and we call it political?

How many years must you hold the truth before saying and doing something about it and then, there is the next generation. Until people start saying something, evil will always triumph good.

Do not sit in silence for fearing the consequences. YOur efforts make a huge difference, in saving lives and gaining freedom. The truth shall set you free.

(((your inner


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