Nymph and Myth

Greek and Roman mythology, why does everything we do originate for Greek or Roman NYMPH? Do we have sense enough to create our own?

Have you ever dated a NYMPH, Greek or Roman NYMPH? I wrote being Gay, but what about being a nymphomaniac? What about a pussy riot?

All the women I meet complain about turning your back, what does that mean to a Nymph? After such an act a good woman would say fuck it, but a nymph would do it.

See while you are sitting back complaining, the nymph is getting the job done. So, what do you want?

Good women are always distinguishing a difference. They say it is more to sex than the physical act, but that thought keeps you from getting what you want when you want it. If all you wanted was the physical act, why would you need a man? Crown me!You can relate to Greek and Roman mythology, but you cannot relate to Nymphlogy?

A nymph is constantly seeking the next organism, just like crack…a sexual addiction. My question to you is,,, is it an addiction or is it being PROGRAMMED? Who the hell gives a shit about what goes on in your personal life? Think about what you’re complaining, is it major or minor? It is just a another category to be pitted against one another.

So why make turning your back a negative response or you don’t need a man? Why chop off your nose to spike your face? All our damned "isms" are holding us back and keeping us from being true to ourselves.

Nymphlogy- the act of being creative and innovative.

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