Skinning A Cat

How many ways are there to skin a cat? Did the last method work?

Most of the time there is just one way, the only way we know. That can be dangerous, just depends on how open you are. We can solve world problems, but we catch hell solving our own. In this case, I am talking about pulling out of this economic crisis – teaching people how to get a JOB. Well, aren’t jobs what got us into this crisis? It wasn’t the employees, as much as it was the employers?

Good Business Practices are the backbone of any thriving society! Businesses give the bulk of the power back to the people. What do jobs do? Teach a man how to fish versus giving a man a fish? How do jobs favor religious beliefs? How do jobs view the unemployed? How do jobs help you turn your life around? What do jobs care about family? What happens when jobs go overseas? What happens when you are the victim of discrimination, age, gender, sex or un/over qualified ? Credit Score? Jobs, what happens when the economy crashes? Good business practices make for a better people. How do jobs allow you to release and allow magnificence to flow through you? Did you really love your job that much? Lest We Forget! Must I remind you?

Let Go and Let God! I release and allow God's magnificence to flow through me.

This little phrase is a powerful statement of Truth: Let go, let God. I know when I cling to what I perceive as a problem, my mind races to try to fix it. In this mode, I am working the problem instead of allowing the solution. By releasing my grip, I allow divine wisdom to flow freely within me.

Let go, let God, isn't about giving up; it is about going directly to the Source. Rather than casting my hands up in despair, I open my heart and mind and go within in prayer. In the silence, the answers I have been chasing rise to the surface. Miracles occur.

When I step out of the way and allow divine guidance to flow, I unleash the wisdom of God within me.

There are so many different ways to skin a cat, be open to change. Try a different approach, especially when the last approach did not work. I can do nothing on my own.

More good businesses are what we want and more good businesses are what we need.

Last one: Slave to a job or passion to a business? I prefer business.

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