Small Town USA

What really going on there in our small towns USA, what's going on behind the...

My point: why do we lie so? What exactly are we trying to hide, that everybody knows, lives and see,,, on a daily basis?

Do we have well more small towns than large? What about businesses? Why do small towns, stay small towns and all they while, they say: They are growing? Are they that likeable or far ahead?

Small towns, know how we talk about how great it is to raise kids, a family, in a small town? The fresh air, sunshine, good wholesome living, where everybody knows everybody, treat each other right, fair, we work for what get… life is slow and so are our women??? You did say, yankee women are too fast? What about California women?

Back to my point, is all of that, any of that, most of that, a small part of that true? Well, why must our young people leave their communities for better jobs? Is Jim Crow really over, who is Jim? What people is least likely to find suitable employment in your small town? Do you reckon any of our celebrities could have made it big in our small town? Why does nothing big ever happen in small towns, good anyway and if it does,,,nobody notices? What caused the great migration? Has anything changed? Why or why not?

Though many of our professionals are from small towns, why don't they invest? Is it them or the towns?

Do you notice the little boy struggling, what about his family? Do we depend on our government to police those issues, then what kind of people are we? How can you expect to get, without giving? How can you expect to share, when nobody gives back? Why invest in the stock market when you can help a small town?

Have you ever really took your time and looked at some of the small towns in your state? How many of them would you love to live and how many of them would love to have you live there? Are small towns “open minded”? Do they really know how to “get down”? Can they? Are they HOT, ready for change, poised for success...?

Ya'll come back now, why do they ever come back, with anything big anyway?

(((your inner

Will you be packing at the next Family Reunion???

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