Family Reunions

How much does it cost? YOur elders, parents, siblings and close firends what the hell are you doing?

This is just another sign, proof that we are on the wrong road and refuse to turn around-misinformed and misguided.

Family, food and fun, Love hate relationships, Destructive behavior, Fighting… Have we reached the point of “No return”? Peace, Love and Happiness, why do we say… Planning, ideas, tips, themes, resources, registry… Everyone is on their best behavior and for good reason. Family reunions are occasions where family, friends and love ones, from all different parts of the country, get together, women and children. They all get together over family, food and fun.

Why do we have family reunions, while knowing exactly what’s going to happen – clubs, churches, funerals…any of our social functions? Are they worth it. Do the good times –fellowship… exceed the bad-arguments, knives, guns, hurt, pain…? How is it a family reunion when at the reunion, fights breakout? Have you ever been to a family reunion and there wasn’t a fight? Is that why we have them? What happens when a member has been intentionally left out, but shows up to show out anyway? What are we teaching our children? Memorable moments, do we just leave out the negative- roots, family trees…do we just omit them?

For just those reasons, I hadn’t been to a family reunion for a long time and finally I was invited and went. Now, what’s the difference between your family and this family? No sooner than, I sat down a car pulled up with two females, mother and daughter, demanding one of the male family members return her key. Basically, it was a jealous woman, who chose the right time and place to push her weight around when she was met with hostility. A physical altercation ensued and quickly escalated as one by one family members tried to break it up. There were scratches, scrapes and bruises, a few broken bottles, but thank God there were no guns or major injuries. Police were called and after 45 minutes of physical and mental drama the family reunion resumed. What’s closer to a man than a woman and vice-versa?

ARe we supposed to be family members of the greater blended family? Everyone is “supposed” to be on their best behavior, so how do so much family violence and abuse manage to occur? Is this saying a family is or is not together – respect, love, peace…? What about the community? How when families are full of hostilities and all we want to do is “get away from each other? Are we running from our problems? Does education have anything to do with it? Even though these were all high school grads, is it any indication of the education we’re missing? How do we get along better with non-family members than we do with family members?

If all we need for a successful family reunion is planning, ideas, tips, themes, resources, registry… why aren’t our families more successful? Power struggles, really it doesn’t take a family reunion for hostilities amongst family members to escalate into violence, while violence is an integral part of our culture, our daily living- one family, gang, neighborhood… Don’t believe that, then just let one of our families come together.

Do we need more or less family reunions? Misinformed and misguided, why not just change the locks or refuse to entertain a scornful women or any person? You try to break them up so it doesn’t get any worse, and on top of all that, it's very dangerous. So is defending a family member, without knowing whether he or she is worthy of physically defending. Is it worth it in the end?

We can save others...but why not ourselves? Things must change, we must find peace and happiness at home before we can have it in groups, families, communities…

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