Smart Employers love dumb employees

As I meet new people, they tell me how much they love and appreciate on their jobs. They make it know how safe and secure their job is. They brag about all the freedom their jobs afford them, that they are content and do not want to do anything else.

But as you get to know them, you can see why, they are lying to themselves. They will go on their jobs and do things to make good things happen, while they are too lazy to do them for themselves. (Duh!) They report in fat, dumb and happy while allowing themselves to suffer at home. Who in their right minds would want to hire themselves out to someone, who has no personal interest in you at all? Who would want to make such a long term commitment to anything that takes away your freedom to be your own self? Now, you understand why nothing is happening in your life and our economy is the way it is. You are making money, but being paid pennies. You are smart, but you are not getting paid for it. You are smart people but dumb employees.

Employers exploit smart employees -JOE LEGAL vs. JOE ILLEGAL. How many chances have we had? China now owns a large portion of the United States, while we stand idly by with our heads in the sand. We blame the president and anything else, when it is our own corrupt double-standard system that’s taking us down.

Today, the people are afraid of the government when in a true democracy, it is the other way around. People are doing nothing but they "expect" something. We need more good entrepreneurs.

Smart Employers love dumb employees.

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