Snoring while Sleeping?

There is DWI and others, but what about "S.W.S", Snoring While Sleep

Should there or should there be a law against SWS? Will you ever get any rest? What happens when you ignore, I mean you can't hear anything else or you wouldn't get any sleep?

Not just normal snoring, but what appears to be violent reactions to or while sleeping? How does grandpa/ma sleep like that?

Now, your girlfriend or tent buddy has the same trait, habit or total disregard or disrespect? They just "pass gas" just like you are not there? "Passing gas" is really a nice way to put what your buddy is doing to you? Don't be alarmed or embarrassed; we did not see it coming.

Talking about keeping relationships together. There are combat situations at home as well as abroad! Your sobriety may not be my sobriety?

What happens when you are lying in bed thinking pleasant thoughts to fall asleep and then, All of a sudden, World War II kicks off right there beside you? What do the indigenous people do? I mean it starts reeking havoc, dropping bombs right in your ear?

You can't believe such a little dainty pretty thing? Well, what if she happens to be big? Do I snore the same? How could anybody sleep like that and get any rest? Are they actually getting any peace and quite? How can you rest doing so much work? Do I snore like that?

It is your first time, but can easily remember your first time being aggregated with hearing too much blasting music? The kind of music that makes you want to go over too your neighbors house and ask them, Do you ever get any sleep? Man, I have had it for the past few days and your "blasting music" will not let me get no sleep. I used to like but it has gotten old.

Well all of that is happening right there beside you in your ear. The craziest thing about it is, they think you want them to be just like you? Just ask them if you snore? Think about that when you get caught snoring the next time? Do you ever own up to it?

How can you sleep making and listening to such noises? Do snores really listen to themselves? Do they hear them? It is one thing to see a person snoring so violently but it is another to experience it? Think, now you have to make another decision, due you live with it? Is it worth it? Take a look at her and see if you can see the beauty in what she calls sleep? No, this is not gender specific, but the problem might hit home even closer if it is someone like that? The first time you discover that, what do you do?

A smoker's cough is no comparison. You never think these little things could be so complicated, at times. I too thought I had seen the best snorers but boy was I wrong. So the real question is, How much do you care? SWS!

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