Cleaning and Grooming

I am here! Clean up your act!

Cleaning and Grooming, when do you stop? Why is it so important? Would you embrace someone who offered to help you clean and stay clean? Is that a strength or weakness? I would embrace it. What better offer can one make to another? Who checks behind you? Is cleaning a sign caring?

Cleaning and groom is apart of Personal_Hygiene. Behind whom would you like to sleep? What are your cleaning standards?

Most relationships fail do to an inability to clean up. Can you imagine some refusing to clean up, person and property? If you think cleaning and grooming constantly is not important then just look around you?

Our lives are cluttered with too much junk, our government? Do you know how wasteful we are?

Instead of resisting the encouragement to better clean, why not embrace it?

We want clean, but we are easily insulted when additional cleaning and grooming is suggested to us.

Why do places require addition deposit for pets? Is it because the pets are not clean and destroy? Then who is it?

A clean place to dwell, a clean heart, how do they get that way? How often do you clean? Clean up your act, I am. Is it, I am here or Here I am. Here I am, come take me or I am here, let's get busy?

(((your inner

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