How to Solve Problems Peacefully

Get the response and the treatment you truly deserve

Do you find yourself constantly arguing? Are you on guard for that SOS? Do you feel you must fight for every little morsel? Boy, pressure is like carrying a loaded gun, with the hammer pulled back! Family members can push your panic button real quick.

At home a wife may lament, 'My husband never apologizes for anything.' At work a foreman may complain, 'My men do not admit their mistakes, and they hardly ever say that they are sorry.' At school a teacher may report, 'Children are not trained to say excuse me.' I am often accused of the same.

I have a good friend and as long as we are apart, we can agree. We have many of the same beliefs, which is what brought us together. It is amazing when you think you have found another soul mate. We are so close in that area, that it is scary. Is it a control thing? Is it that we both know, if you give an inch, the other will take a mile? Is it the way we talk with each other? Am I frustrated with her being right all the time and vice-versa? Are we just hell raisers? We both hate drama and profess to have drama free lives?

Call it the moon, the heavens or whatever, but when we cross certain incidents, we would rather argue than agree. And because we are so bull headed we argue in the most profound ways. I will leave your ass right now!

What is the source of our problem?

It has been noted when an incident causes injury or damage, people often hesitate to extend an apology because it may be construed as an admission of guilt. “We” are walking around with a lot of guilt. Like time bombs, we are just looking for the right time and place to go off. Probably, if it wasn’t for a dollar, we would have been gone long time ago. So much pressure and in the right situation, we fail to be courteous and helpful to each other. Then, off to the next and bingo,,,the same old same ole.

Somebody has to have some sense, be willing to give and take. How can we teach each other, when we are guilty as hell? We have got every excuse,,,pressure,,,to go off. Well, I am guilty and nobody knows the pressure I am under.

Art, be courteous and helpful, I do not care what situation you are in. I am going to try my best not to allow any one to take advantage of me, but I am in “courteous and helpful” raining. Well, it will not do any good if I do not use it in the worse situations. Patience is a virtue. I am going to make a better person of myself.

All because I deserve to be treated better.

How does sbi treat their people?

Remember I love it!

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