Sophistry Practice

The practice of sophistry just when you thought you heard it all.

What does it mean to be sophisticated? What does it mean to be civilized? What does it mean to be domesticated? Medicated, processes that have been with humanity as long as humans have organized into governed masses.change the meaning of or be vague about in order to mislead or deceive. "Don't twist my words".

2.curl, wind, or twist together to further convolute matters ... let it rain.How much is $66 million but the new donation will only be $33 million, point for increased African-American and Hispanic, exam taken…

Remember when it was quite fashionable to be Sophisticated. Reality or Rationality Perhaps my thoughts are realized in the history of our very language; sophists are sophisticated yet practice sophistry. Humanity is not divided by good and evil, but by Sophistry and Rationality?

Why does the sophist use these tactics? Because they work; on an average populace they work better than any other means of influence.

b>What is a sophist? A sophist is someone who assumes the only way to influence others into conforming to his/her will is through manipulating them through the most direct avenues of human psychology - trickery. Key words are employed to trigger emotions – coherent thoughts are ignored as unnecessary. Why does the sophist use these tactics? Because they work better than any other means of influence. There are going to be some pissed off people when they find out they have been betrayed.

What is a rationalist – a rationalist is someone who assumes the only way to influence others to conform to his/her will is through convincing them what he wants is reasonable and for the good of all. Rationalists attempt to make every critical detail evident and will go to great effort to paint a complete and informative picture.

Why does a rationalist use these tactics? Because this is how he would expect himself to be convinced – through reason and logic - for only with reason and truth can social progress be made. If that ain’t Art then what is? I enjoyed this article: sophistry rationality.

Is either process right or wrong? No, yet the rationalists view the sophists as conniving and the sophists view the rationalists as naïve, but both exist because both can achieve success through their methods. What about the followers, aren't there some moral and ethical concerns here? How would you like for me to convince your children to jump off a cliff?

How does all this exclude good and evil? I believe that evil results from the dehumanization occurs through sophistry; to sophists, people are not individuals – they are masses and as ‘not individuals’ they are not human and, as such, horrible things may be inflicted upon them without moral restraint. What is it to respect someone as both human and as a tool?

The logic flows like this: If I can not reason with you I will attempt to ignore you, if I may not ignore you, I will use you as a tool and I will try my hardest not to care for your suffering; it is yours for your ignorance.

So sometimes when you think you do not know, you may want to reconsider because they already know. Sophistication or Rationality, I think illogical and logical, one is inferior and the other is Superior. What is the rationale behind no rationale?

To connive me, you first connive yourself and we say that is exactly what we donot want. Why must I convince you, my hands are full convincing myself. I am the truth, the light.

Quality time, Quality of life, Stress, although your eye is more prominent than your heart, are they not both valuable to you? What do you have that you did not receive? If you received it, why do you boast as though you did not?

I pray for what I lack, find opportunities to help, give gifts from my heart and extend the hospitality.

(((your inner

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