Spirit of my being?

The Spirit of my Being!

For what good is the spirit of my being?

I am overwhelmed with problems and have struggled to get this far. But I am glad that I have arrived, to place with a spirit that I will no longer let down.

As I work towards my goals, face new challenges or change undesirable behaviors, obstacles stand in my way. In the past, I allowed these obstacles to frustrate me and consequently hinder me from succeeding and/or to keep me from succeeding. I allowed my own fears and inhibitions to get in my own way, but not this time.

This time, I am conscious of my own spiritual being and the nature of things with which I come into contact. I am aware that it is greater than I could have ever dreamed.

This time, I can quickly and easily adjust my thinking and get out of my own way. This time, as I work towards my goals, take on a new challenges and change undesirable behaviors, with the comfort of knowing obstacles lurk all about and are where I least expect.

My whole attitude will be different as I confront them. When I see an obstacle lying across my path, I will not get upset and discouraged. Though, I know not what they will be, I know they are there. I am prepared for the unexpected. I am going to do whatever it takes to get around them.

Further, should I feel an obstacle too great, I will not hesitate in asking for help. I comforted in knowing my help is not for away.

Instead of doubting the power of my Spirit being, I have faith and confidence my support is firmly in place. I am filled with the spirit and am constantly being resupplied with divine ideas.

When I feel an impasse, my peace does not flee from me. Through the Spirit of my being, I am able to do all things and accomplish anything.

Now, I eagerly press on towards the goals. That in itself is fifty percent of my battle.

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