Friction between People?

I do not need you, mentality, that opens the door for all the other.

Do you feel expendable or indispensable?

Do you know how happy we are to see each other? Do you realize how much we need each other and how little we can do without each other?

On top of all that, do you realize how quick we are to let you know; we do not need you and how much work we will endure to prove how expendable you are? So how does all this come about?

This is not saying you need bad people in your life, but how do you take those bad people and keep them good in your life, something good for the whole, minimizing friction? There is good friction and bad friction. No chastisement is seems good at that time. Any time you force someone to do anything they are against, causes friction. Train a child in the way he should walk.

Are you a leader or a follower? At different times and stages, these positions rotate, whether you realize it or not. Remember, all things are constantly moving, where is the room for the person in the middle? Where does it all start and if you do not get there, you may have to pick it up from anywhere, but you cannot survive causing friction.

Who likes the feeling of being used? People who cannot figure out their own happiness and are affraid to make it known? People using other people, by taking the advantage of them.

The friction between "we the people" has to be in balance, other wise, one is going to push the other over. Is not that how the nation of slavery was built? The people of little resistance will lose every time. So the mistake is in the coming together, when all the attractions are strong, we fail to realize potential factors for resistance.

How did we lose the ability to educate ourselves? Remember, we had our little one room schools we thought were not good enough. So we kept demanding more and more equal rights, new books and now??? Black history for a month is real funny or is it Black History Month? I do not want to waste your time so please do not waste mine.

In this regard now, no matter how we try to avoid doing so, we must again look at Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey, W.E.B DuBois, Elijah Muhammad, John Henrik Clark, MLK, Malcolm X, Michael Jackson … and I am sure you have your list. These men are all saying the same thing.

Does your list include the likes of Hitler or any other “war mongrel”? I mean why is your history so one-sided? Why are you so ashamed of black people in history? I wrote this because, there are two types of mentalities when it comes to minimizing friction between people, peace or violence. You can be strong without being violent.. no matter how bad it gets, you do not beat your childern to death do you? You do not pit one child against the next do you? These are all self-defeating, yet we do them.

Now, I see a conflict in the teachings of some of these people that I did not see before, that is I believe you cannot achieve peace through violence or you must defend it with violence. For every violent problem, there is a peaceful solution, but is it worth it to find?

How do you minimize friction between people? There are the teachings of instinct and the teachings of a society. We have the instinct to get along, but society says different!

How do you prioritize these two? They both must coincide. When the teachings of a society takes precedent over the teachings of instinct, that society will fail every time. It creates too much friction between people and whereever there is too much friction... Relationships will heat up until things come to a grinding halt.

How do we rebuild! Tensions and stress must be carefully eased, minimized! Forcing anything is dangerous. People must have the freedom to move as needed. Education must coincide with instinct, if we are to minimize the friction between all people. It all starts in the home.

Was that the secret to building the Great Pyramids? Is that secret based upon the same principles as ants building and ant hill? It all has to come from the inside.

Otherwise you will not be able to see it. Now, everything we build in America is never good enough, doesn’t last and has to be demolished and built anew,,,But what about the GREAT Pyramids?

Is it because we cannot see long term affects? Are we ignoring them for cheaper? What are the consequences? What are insanity and economic breakdown or is that "nervous breakdown and depression"?

(((your inner

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