Stabilizing the Economy

Stabilizing Financial Markets

Today, I heard one of our top-5 leaders say, He is going to continue efforts to stabilize the economy and/or financial markets. What is a reasonable time frame?

What does that mean to me? Am I included in the budget, financial markets or economy? Okay then.

My question is how did they get unstable? Have you been monitoring the markets or the budgets? What happen? What about "checks and balances"? Why over or short? Why didn't you mention it earlier? What's going on with those hired to manage and maintain the budget?

Got to get things back on track and in balance. House cleaning might not be a bad idea. The problem must be Overages do not cover Shortages = Debt? Investigate? Review? Revise and implement new budget and adjust accordingly. Well, you could always keep going, robbing Peter to pay Paul? Make more money? Pool Resources? Being on a tighter budget?

What does all that mean to me? Cutbacks? Make more money? Pool Resources? Tighter budget? What budget? Cutback on what? Pooling resources, because of the previous, I have been doing that? Though it is a struggle, my earnings cover my debts.

So what can I do? How does my future, my budget, look?

I kept my part of the deal, but you screwed-up? You had your daylight, Where is mine?

I am shafted again. Oh well! Looks like I am just "a lazy Bum". Hey!!! I got it! I now know why the budget, the economy and financial markets are screwed-up! What is "A lazy Bum"?

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