Stand Where Do You Stand

Do you know? You Know?

Physically, you know exactly where you stand. You know if you are alone or in the presence of others. Also, there is a certain amount of comfort in knowing and feeling the presence of others, even though you do not know them.

Walking to work everyday and one day you saw no people would be cause for concern? Of course, unless that was normal. Either way, you are confident in the fact that you have everything you need to make a safe journey back home. Bottom line, as long as everything is the way you have grown to “expect it”, everything is in order, you’re okay, confident enough to sit back and read your newspaper on the way to work. Further, it is truly amazing at the level confidence some people can reach in their lives. Imagine being a Harry Houdini

The problem is we become so content and comfortable in our daily walk, that we let down our guard. Therefore, what good are you to the safety and security of the whole? Who can depend on you, who can you trust

First love second chance.

Is this a SCAM? dO they just want your money?

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