YOur State of MIND

nEW movie causing people to have more sex...

What about your family relationship? Can your family actually relate? Must I die to make this happen? Would you violate your own rules? Is it worth it?

In What state of mind are you? What is your state of mind? Natural or unnatural, is it natural? Is it natural to abuse anything and expect better results - land, resources...? I’m thinking of all the unnecessary drama, arguments, power struggles and I wonder why?

Now, there are state jobs, prisons, mental institutions, institutions of higher learning, just, in what state of mind are you? There’s the State of Union, State of Address… but what about state of mind and what about you?

Are you better, do you have more bullshit, do you will more power, are you smarter, wiser, more mature,,, then why don’t you act like it?

What gives you your sense of safety and security, what, where are your limits? Does anyone care or respect them, does everyone, don’t you want them to, what about the DRAFT? Then why would they want you to serve in a DRAFT?

What about mental illnesses, are they true, who and who decides who’s sick? What’s considered sick? Are your issues the same as mine? What do you do when a lunatic is at the helm of things? Was GWB a lunatic, did they find WofMDs?

How do you know a lunatic, before it’s too late? Am I one, will a lunatic kick your ass? Just how do they get lunatics under control? Could, would a lunatic build a nuclear weapon? Would he raise taxes, T-SPOST you in the middle of social and economic decline? Would he kick you in the teeth while you were down? Why won’t you let it rest? Are you controlling the situation? Think about shit. They went through the Great Depression.

Whose going to win? What do you create? Problems going on, constant distractions, complaining, people telling you what to and not to do. Arguing everyday, are you crazy does anyone else see what I’m going through, does anyone else understand, nerves and I’m about crazy - Obamacare? Are you abusive, do you go into the defense mode, are you defending your lies? Do you tell all those lies? How bad is life? Why do you cheat, lie, steal, kill and destroy? Is it necessary for survival? Why do I think in the past and you in the future? Why can’t you let go? Who's included in your family? Then who are the rest of us to you?

Why do I keep losing, is it just me? Elections, who's telling the truth?

Does your State of Mind directly correlate to what’s going on? What about the State of Your Union? Do you tolerate people like me? Are you at rest? You must deal with the present in order to deal with the future. Did Columbus really discover America in your eyes? Why are the handicapped able to accomplish more than the non-handicapped?

What is a healthy state of mind? Is that why we do not get along?Why do you tell me it is not from where I come, but where I am going, but treat me just the opposite? Is it because I allow, deserve that? What does it take to achieve and maintain peace, global peace? IT works the same everywhere!

What do you suppress, down by force or authority, and what do you let go, what's the difference? The more resistance, the stronger the mind? YOur state of mind, how often do you think of that?

(((Your inner

Your Formidable Past

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