Our Formidable past

With political and humanitarian purpose, better hopes and ambitions

Are you worth a fart? In an era when books of any kind were a luxury found in few households, technology actually produced something we could use and people knew. During this time African Americans were considered incapable of scientific, mathematical or literary accomplishment, but in spite of all, produced documents which included commentaries, literature, and fillers that had (((political and humanitarian purpose))).

Today, with books in abundance, most people don't know, don't wanna know or have forgotten their formidable past - Arousing fear, dread, or alarm, which were extremely impressive in strength or excellence. You are killing us with this phony Education and Religion.

Is this technological society a better way of life? Is it acceptable to be walking around distracted? Can you do/go without your cell phones? Are your computers doing your work? Why would you want a computer to do your work, then what? Do they represent the tools of an agriculture culture society? Why do you want to get away from agriculture? Why do you see it as a demeaning way of life?

What good is all this technology when you don’t have money? What good is all the money in the world when you are losing your lives and soul? Are you that ignorant? Just like with anything else, the more money you have, the less valuable it becomes. So, why do you want money over food? Why do you glorify in money, tithes, offerings? How, why does it take money to operate a church, which is supposed to be “a sacred place for all” to come? What is the message, what is the value in that? Free school, but mandatory education, how do you force anyone to learn??? Why force learning upon your children? Does that kill their desire to learn? Children know what they need to learn and if not, they will soon learn? What’s wrong with that education? Why are you enabling, handicapping, hobbling our children? Why would any man hobble another? How does money keep you healthy when there is nothing to buy but bullshit?

Why were laws passed forbidding interracial marriages. Because of stupid laws like these, people were forced to live a very quiet life. Discrimination, why can't you love or marry who you want?

If you want to stick to what your parents said about what they didn’t know, then go ahead, that is why they allowed you to be educated. They didn’t k now, they were persuaded against their own better judgment. They were persuaded by those telling you that you were not as good as they are, you are not whole, there is something wrong with you; you must become more like THEM. My Land, OMG!

Why haven’t we improved upon America's first functional clock, was it taken away? What happened to our own almanac? Did Benjamin Banneker, who never became a member of the Religious Society of Friends, need your education to do that? Was Benjamin Banneker America’s first African American intellectual, what about for the rest of the world?

Be encouraged because in an age when African Americans were (((considered))) incapable of scientific, mathematical or literary accomplishment – we produced commentaries, literature, and fillers that were scientific, mathematical and literary accomplishments, with the inclusion of commentaries, literature, and fillers that had a political and humanitarian purpose.

Enjoy solving problems. Work to bring about a better life through better hopes and ambitions; and that will serve as the best education, showing them the ways of a better life.

Relation without friendship, friendship without power, power without will, will without effect, effect without profit, & profit without virtue, are not worth a fart.

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Lifting the veil of your ignorance

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