Staying Together

My body keeps me in check.

I thank God!I couldn't do it without'em. How do I find you?

Staying Together, you thank God for it. For giving them to you. Not all of them, but just a little part of them.

Fire inside, caroling through the night, are you making to music, are you listening? Remember not one day, but the whole year through?

How do we stay together, keep the spirit, share it, don't leave room for the devil to slip. Don't give him a chance. You still have an opportunity. You still have a reason to live in peace and harmony.

Isn't that what you want? Just one more piece of the puzzle - Peace of mind. Confidence in knowing. Faith to keep going to go for it. To realize you dreams by helping others realize theirs, until death do us part.

Just like the music classic Christmas, all the year through..

So have yourself a SEXY MERRY Christmas, whatever you make that mean. People who can make something great happen. If you can't how can you teach your children? Reading and writing at Christmas time.

(((your inner

My children, OMG!

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