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Joe Vitale explains, By "healing you. "If you want to cure anyone, even a mentally ill criminal," you do it by "healing the part of [you] that created them," writes Vitale. "In a literal sense the world is your creation." Talk about empowerment!

(((your inner voice)))

Cure and/or healing? But I do feel empowered after reading it. In case of illness (their illness), how do you heel the part of you that created them/it? The world is my creation, I think is powerful. How can you get any better "free good" advise.

Poverty is a mentality. There are plenty of people who think they are wealthy, but they are still living in poverty. That is what that says to me.

People are literally having to figure out how to survive all over again and the world is your creation is one of the fastest ways of changing a poverty mentality. Why do you have a lot and I a little?

Since reading this, I have become even more determined about my work. I want a farm, the whole farm, my farm.

Now, if I were trying to rid myself of some dreadful disease, is the world still my creation? Yes, I would have to figure out a way to overcome. So I would say, yes, the world is my creation. Then, create a farm, create good families, neighborhoods and communities. You never know when you will come across somebody who is lost. Where is the generation that "can do no wrong"? Why would they? The world is your creation.

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The more and less family?

Why do some families appear to have more than others?

I been looking for those people who do not want nothing? What is nothing from nothing?

We can make the difference. Is it too much to ask for a farm? Crazy question, but how do you get a farm? Had I the money, I wouldn't be asking.

Some kind of way, I have got to get my own farm. I got to generate enough traffic to warrant having the resources needed to own and operate my own farm (mof). So must I live in poverty, always in need,,,no,,,the world is my creation. No job! No money? Whatever? The world is your creation.

So what happens when you follow other people's creation - Africans following Euorpeans? As long as it is good,,,it's all good! So whose creation is Africa, Iraq, Pakistan? How/why does someone want something so bad, they fight over it? What is the logic in that? Whose creation is that? Today's leaders and politicians, whose creation is that? Banks and loans? Why can't we just divide shit up and work it? Who's stopping us? Who's stopping me?

(((your inner voice)))

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