Stoned to Death in 2011

Do you really know which direction is best for you?

You want free but not willing to give freely??? You want freedom, but not willing to be FREE??? You never have enough? You are never content? The more you get, the more you want? The wrong thing instead? You are never satisfied.

What if, what you were doing was killing more people than we ever saved? What if, what you're doing is creating more confusion, chaos, hurt, harm and danger than we are helping ourselves? Would you know the difference? Who would you blame?

Every day, you wake up doing the same old same, yet expecting a different result. As a matter of fact, what you are doing is just making life progressively more miserable, things are just getting worse. Art, are you serious? Just keep reading.

Playing Politics, Would it not be better to be stoned to death? Do you need to be a politician to play politics?

Stoned drunk, stoned drugs-prescription/nonprescription, stoned greedy, stoned broke! Is it, the more you go to church, the more corrupt you become?

Is the measure of a man, how much money they earn, formal education, booming career, material wealth? Do you need a job to tell you what to do, to fill your day, to keep you occupied, (to keep our economy going)? Then why isn't it going? Are we implementing the wrong kind of jobs? "Tangible results".

Is a job a place we go to help people for profit, to earn a pay check? From where comes our real rewards?

How do we get there? How far away are we from Good Character? Do you even know the word?

Even though life is an assembly line, people are literally terrified to death to do what they know they are supposed to. So they would rather do the "wrong thing instead", go figure.

Is that what you are to yourself? Is it plain and simple, how much can you do to help others?

(((your inner

Where are my KINDRED SPIRITS Why am I not reaching more people?

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