Stress Kills

I just feel compelled to remind people. Take a break, smell the roses, do a good thing for yourself.

Stress, bad stress is a killer. A certain amount of stress is needed to keep us healthy, that is good stess. Bad stress is self imposed from worrying. You can always take a bad situation and turn it into something good--Slavery, Holocaust, POW.

I saw this tv program the other day and the message was we are are living a life somewhat similar to Baboons. Why do baboons create so much stress for themselves? Particularly interesting was how social standing makes one more or less susceptible to stress, and he has found some striking parallels between us and our fellow primates.

Bad stress, chronic stress, not only kills, but chronic stress has many serious side-effects, all of which are very nasty. Three that stuck in my mind were chronic stress makes you miserable, fat and stupid. Reckon this is really a reflection of what is going on today? Chronic stress lowers the body's resistance levels making the body more susceptible and vunerable to illness and disease.

Why, because we turn stress on, but most often, we are unable to turn it off. Stress goes undetected and untreated.

What active programs do we have in place to help monitor stress levels?

The guy proved that in his study. So to promote longevity and a life that flourishes, REDUCE STRESS! "Stress: Portrait of a Killer"

The Dutch Hunger Winter of 1944–1945?

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