Structure for the Masses

You want to do good, yet people deny you, why? Deceptive tactics.

Why are we all being treated like the criminals we detest? Why do I have to go through all the bullshit to get a loan when in the last fifty years, I've never defaulted on a loan. ARe Banks evil?

Do we do a good job at anything any more, then why are we losing on every front?


Where is the structure? Sophisticated people view themselves contributing structure to world, but where is the structure. We have the material things, but where are the social and economic things?

How do you address your own issues? If we were addressing our own issues as they rise, they wouldn’t building up? That’s dangerous when the dam bursts… But who cares because we do not see our issues as a physical threat, but as nothing and that nothing will not hurt us.

Treating people, what is our incentive to treat people, all people with dignity and respect? How do we deal with those who fail to treat themselves with dignity and respect?

What happens when you know you are right and refuse to change? They have the structure, but the structure is not for us, so what good is that structure? Why do we embrace it when it only brings us more chaos, confusion and destruction? Why do we sell one knowledge, yet give-a-way the other? Do you understand which knowledge is more important to your own survival? Why don’t our society what you to listen to yourself? Did God give you a handwritten Bible for structure? Why do this kind of people create weapons of mass destruction? They cannot do it intellectually so they do it with weapons and this is the direct opposite of what we desire to teach our people.

The thing is, we have structure, but it is structure based upon false principles, therefore “self destructive”. By being educated you get more money, but is money true prosperity or just a medium of exchange? Does having a fancy title make you any different from me, when it comes to the rights and privileges of the world? It shouldn’t but by our system of education, it does.

We need each other to not only feed our own egos, but survival.

How do we be the individuals we supposed to be within their established structure? People are always looking for answers but where do they most often fail to look and we’re so far off base, it seems logical that looking within is the last place to look. But we create whatever it is that’s happening to us. I have no money, so how did that get that way? How do we see? How do we bring about change? How do we grow with change?

The knowledge they sell is the most important to your survival, why they sell it and why you are denied? The knowledge they “give freely” to you is the most destructive. Now, do you understand why the more you go to church and act like you are following biblical principles when you know you are not, is hazardous to life as we live it and to the salvation of your soul.

Structure, the good structure, the best structure has to do with the content of your character. Can you ever refuse to follow their structure without violent consequences.

Aren't you sick-n-tired of these deceptive tactics?

(((your inner

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