Bad talking your Boss

Every time I see it, it's behind his back.

There's nothing wrong with a nice conversation about what went on at work, but what happens when you actually start to low-rate your boss? Are you really low-rating yourself?

People who talk bad about their boss, How to deal with a bad boss, how to deal with people at work who dont like you and talk bad ...

Are you a horrible boss, what about subordinate? Do you really understand how to be a good subordinate, because if we had more good subordinates, we would have just that many good bosses.

What about people who talk openly bad about their boss? a bad boss can also hurt your family life, health ... So, how much damage can a good boss do?

Protocol, should they be retained or fired? Are they a sore thumb? And you holla about your fucking rights.

I think I'm a bit guilty, but I also think that is my job, exposing truths and even with that, a certain amount of protocol is in effect. So if talking bad about your boss isn't your job, you might want to be a bit more careful.

Protocol is in effect, isn't it? What if they go around low-rating me? Is that why I work so hard to stay ahead? Talking about anybody behind their backs.

(((your inner

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