Watching the sunrise, what good is that?

It is difficult to watch the sunrise and not dream. There's that valuable moment and it's full of wisdom.

Have you ever lived in a area that's full with sunshine and moved in to an area, where the sun hardly ever shines? Takes some adjusting doesn't it?

I know of so many today who have given up on looking for their sunshine, anything of significant value in life. Far too often we do not even get out of bed to see. If we are not careful we get so busy looking at what's not working, we overlook what is! We stop looking.

In a world that demands instant gratification and quick results, we must learn to be patient. The sun is diligently working in our daily lives, whether we see it or not. There is beauty in nature.

When we diligently work through what appears not so valuable days, one day; when you least expect it, there's that moment full of joy and wisdom.

Don't think about giving up, the sun is still shining.

(((your inner

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