Super Bowl XLV (45)

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NFL, What do you know about the finer things in life? Steelers stealing and Packers packing!

Does watching tv make you lazy? Think about your response to that question when you call somebody else lazy.

Remember when partents were (((the parental control)))? Remember, when watching tv was a reward? Now, what is it? Who made it this way? Why?

What about SuperBowl XLV Monday? Steelers stealing and Packers packing!

Does that make you smarter? Is watching tv exciting to you? Is watching tv really relaxing to you? How does tv relax you?

What does watching tv actually do for you and yours? Is it helping or hurting us?

Focusing on the screen, what do you really see? Do you see truth or fiction? We just cannot quit. When is enough, enough?

Think of the line dividing us, Steelers stealing and Packers packing? Gas prices higher and higher, but less service. Customer service is a thing of the past. What is more important, where it is from or who it is for? What is that worth to you?

Touch Down, Snap out of it man! Remember, It ain't over!

160 thousand attending and millions more watching, touches and fumbles, what is your reaction to it all? Are you loving every second? Are you the intended reciever? What if we settled for the first thing we saw? What would have happened to them pilgrims?

It is time, it's time! Do you see what you can't do? Why do we want to see what we cannot do? Now, you have to do something.

Can you do what really needs to be done or will you just do the "same old same old"?

Is your network really work? Do you really rule the air? Will you ever catch the real ball?

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Green Bay Packers Super Bowl who won the super bowl.

Now, Do you see it coming?

(((your inner voice)))

Colored Girls?

Lazy bum?

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