voter suppression schemes 2012

registered voters, enduring hardship and even danger in the process.

Plan ahead, confirm your registration, get the right ID and know where you vote.

There's a good courage and a bad courage. Do you have the courage to resist?

Women and minorities in America, can you believe it? Can you imagine responsible Americans, considered the ruling class in America, would want to deal such a devastating blow to the American system of democracy?

Keeping in mind, this is the very same system of democracy we're pushing down the throats of willing countries. This is the very same democracy for which our soldiers and civilians have fought and died still "fighting and dying" for today. For which we imprisoned and executed the likes of Sadan Hussein, Osama Bin Laden...

One step forward and two steps backwards, why would one human being, especially sworn to protect and serve, be willing to compromise the entire system of voting and democracy to get his way in America?

Will their wives stand by? What about their children? What good can it bring to this great country and its embrace of adversity. Isn't that what being an American is all about. Are we still saying one thing while doing another - trickery? Where are the people smarter than I?

In reaction to President Obama's stunning 2008 election victory, conservative groups across the country are taking to voter suppression tactics To Block Your Vote in 2012. Why would any America be so willing to strip a fellow American of this extraordinary privilege, requiring presentation of a local driver's license, instead of a picture id?

Why discourage would-be voters by further complicating the voting process? All sorts of “conniving methods” are being used to keep certain classes of Americans from voting.

These efforts to connive takes compromising the American system of Democracy to a new and threatening level. Because of this — clear and present danger — the 2012 presidential election will be a fight, not only for the election, but for democracy itself.

These anti-democratic measures are specifically targeted at voters who registered and voted in large numbers for Barack Obama. They legally block and pose new voting obstacles to the elderly, the young, minorities, low-income and the disabled.

In a very real sense, the privilege of being an American citizen is understanding, no one can give you anything without you reaching out and grasping it.

Plan ahead, confirm your registration, get the right ID and know where you vote.

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