Sweet Taste of Success versus Normal Circumstances

Politicians, Corporations, Government/IRS, Health Care, Education, Seniors, Purity Groups, Religion, Lottery Winners, Sports, Celebrities, Families, neighbors, neighborhoods, churches…Recession, Economic breakdown, depression.

What is the richest religious group in the world? Ahhh, the sweet taste of success, I finally made it.

If you are not very, very, extremely careful, Sweet Taste of Success will cause you to cheat every time. My dad always said, “Boy don’t let money burn a hole in your pocket”. For the longest, I did not understand. Today, I thank God for that one little piece of information.

The best of everything? People will smile when you come into the bank. Preachers will recognize you. Lawsuits? Good Credit? Talk shows? Tennis shoes? Sponsors? Investments, Invitations? As long as you have a dollar, there will be someone out to get it. They will track you down until they do. Save here, Bank here, the Red Carpet treatment. What is a laughing stock?

If you weren’t a good enough before you became successful, under normal circumstances, most would pass you by, even if you were in dire need, you could not join that purity group.

Money changes people. What poor people? Time? You’ll start to do stupid shit all because you think you can get away with and from normal circumstances?

Success and power causes people to view you differently and start to do the same. Even though you know nothing, you might be asked to sit on the board of directors at your local bank. What about Secretary of State? Just laugh!

What sacrifices must you make? Rights, Human rights go right out the window.

Who can invest your money better than you? Who can save your money better than you? Ever been tricked out of your money?

The moral of the story is Spend Wisely. Help somebody who needs it, somebody who is seriously trying to help themselves.

your inner voice, Give power to the people.

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