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There is a new and great way to introduce "the undesireables" to children and it comes in the form of the children’s book of healing.

TALK TALK TALK, the children’s book of healing.Bad People How to deal with them, Who, What, When, Where?At first do not give honor to the word “bad”. One minute it is bad and the next it will be good, because bad cannot last. Everything has to be checked out in the present.

For one reason or another, people seek to weed out the bad. Why, if we did not, we would all be bad and bad is not what some of us want to be. Also, we know the act of being bad is a sign of distress, a weakness. All of that does not eliminate the fact there are people, at all stages in life, bent on bringing hurt, harm and danger into a reality, at the expense of us all.

I was reading the children’s book, TALK TALK TALK, A book of healing, which made me realize somethings. First, we are a very weak and vulnerable people. If we were not, we would not so desperately need to be forewarned. There are people in the world intending on being bad. That when you do not resist them, someone will be hurt, harmed or killed. Talk Talk Talk and never doubt that you must. And when you tell certain people they get angry. Anyhow, it is a great children’s book, which addresses this preponderant truth, in a very child like manner. How clever!

Even more overwhelming is, for the most part, the offender will be a mature, well respected adult. Now, that is a force to be reckoned with.

If you have children, it is well worth it to put this book in their hands and read it together. Heck, everyone should read it and Let us put the past behind.

For more information about Talk Talk Talk, the book of heaing, visit Celestial Blessings.

Let us put the past behind, and do not get mad. Find other people you feel safe talking with and help others when you can. Talk Talk Talk now available at Celestial Blessings

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