The TOO In Us

Where is it?

People view themselves as "too", the never ending "too".

People do not like themselves?

For the most, we like, we love ourselves. We do not want harm to come to us, "Yeah But", we view ourselves as ---Too young, too old, too ugly, too poor, too dark, too light, too short. The are looking for our own perceived perfect match?

We know we are not perfect, we all have shortcomings, so we choose one "too" and start hacking away at our lives. We are constantly doing whatever it takes to fix that TOO in us. Some where, it has gotten out of hand, like a very addictive drug, we have become "too" consumed with our "toos".

Like a dog chasing his own tale, what do you do when you catch it? Could not our time be spent more wisely?

Why are YOU standing there with your "too" in your mouth? For Them

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