Father's Day 2011

Give Dad Some Extra Power

My, how times flies! They were just babies when they were taken from me. So what happened in between?

Kids do the darndest things, but adults do even more hurtful stupid shit.

I kinda hate it when Father’s Day roles around. Not because I was such a bad father, but because much of that was stolen from me. Besides being a sperm donor, must I fight to be a father?

Most recently, I spoke with my daughter who is repulsed by me and after 20 plus years of anger and resentment, it is just as fresh today, even worse. Letter from my daughter.

My sons, one of which and my daughter, I most recently saw at my mother’s funeral made no attempt to even speak to me, which was no surprise because it was kept from me that any of my children would be attending, why?

Obviously, they feel more aligned with their uncles and their uncles more aligned with them, than any of these parties do about the father.

Even more bizarre, my mom faithfully supported my children and their mother all their lives and until her death. Now, for unknown reasons they avoided her funeral. So even if you hated me, why would you bite the hand that fed you?

You say, I asked for this? You ask, what did I do to ask for this? 20 plus years of anger and resentment from children that never knew me. So why do they vilify me? Why do they hold me responsible? Why not hold their heroic single mother just as responsible? After all, we are all supposed to be adults by now.

The source of this problem? No matter, it is a traumatic experience for all involved. It is there to make you better. The question remains, When will it end?

As I think back, my father never was around, but I never had resentment. I knew nothing to resent him for other than what I would see in other families. I often wondered why and why not, but I was always open every time he came around every once and a while. Did he come with gifts and money? YOu know.

What would it have been like if my father had a greater presence in my life? Hard times and good times, a good dad/bad dad, would things have always been perfect? Would work have kept me away from my family too often, and most of the parenting duties fell to my wife? Now, that we have an option to experience that, look at our attitudes!

This Father's Day 2011, Give Dads Some Extra Power? When it's your time, it's your time. You never know how your actions/obedience or the lack thereof, can affect someone else's life.

Kicking off the Year of Strong Fathers, Strong Families. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!


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