Taking Responsibility

Art Thomas, Life coach

We tale a lot of things, but we fail miserably to take "Responsibility"?

Everyone can give advice, but whose actually willing to help? Who will stick with you through it all?

The subject for today and our starting point in life is the act of Taking Responsibility. We want everything to work, but do not want to do the work. How can that be?

Taking responsibility is the first sign of being a mature adult, yet we do all we can to avoid that. We're constantly looking for the easy way out of work. We don't even want to help.

Do you feel you are taking complete responsibility for everysingle aspect of your life? The best way to evaluate this one aspect of life is to look at the bigger picture. As a people, are we taking responsibility for every aspect of our society, then how can we be what we're not?

The first step is realizing a need.

Throughout life, we will cover a wide range of topics including: Goal Setting, Taking Action, Planning, Belief, Health, Money, Relationships, and much more.

"Stay tuned" for a lot of useful information. Please leave a comment on this page with your thoughts and feedback.

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Taking charge

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