Talking White Women

who are white women

Okay, when you’re talking women? There are many subjects open to discussion, but when it comes to white women, some men, are at least they call themselves men, become real sensitive?

I mean you can talk black women or any other race and they’ve got the solution, but when it comes to white women…

(1) Why do all good women have to be white? (2) As the CEO of this multi-racial/cultural organization, why have you ONLY DATED WHITE WOMEN?

Are white women in a monority or majority? Are white women a screen?

You see, you are overlooking a whole nother race, when it comes to women? Bet you didnot know that? Guess you did think we noticed? May be it doesn't matter? But why do you make it seem like so?

I think people ought to be able to date/sex/marry whoever, but not you? There is a fobia that you just cannot? We talk about how free we are? What would that open up for us? True hearts, The best man for the job? Come on now!

Sex, can you do it or are you just faking? Really? Sex, think about that the next time you think investment?

Do you see that double standard? Why cannot people date marry any racial they want without being subject to your criticizism? Is that what white women like.

When you talk about white women, just who and what are you talking about?

Are white women better than any other women? Are they any better because they married you? Are any women?

Talking about people?

Courage behind the screen?

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