Taxation without representation

Like it or not taxes and more taxes are being imposed, where will it stop? the Tea Party.

Taxes, what do the people ever own? I feel like I owe everybody! How does stuff work?

Who really owns everything in America? Can you buy anything and rest in the fact that you have paid for it in full and that's it?

As consumers are encouraged to buy, buy, buy and when they purchase and accumulate all this stuff, here comes the taxes.

Vehicle Tax

Trailer Tax

Boat Tax, there’s a tax on every motorized means of transportation – Road Tax. Taxed to death, Why?

Plus, there is Property Tax, if you own property – State tx, County tx., School tx - Property tx. And as you improve your properties, these taxes increase accordingly. They also increase depending upon the needs of the government, whether you agree, disagree or can afford to pay them. Taxation without representation!

Don't get caught selling anything without a tax.

Above and beyond the taxes you paid at the time of purchase or during purchase, there’s a tax imposed on all services provided by the government. A government free to tax its people in any way -- for any reason and amount; and the law is, “You must pay your taxes”.

Now, what do you get in return for paying imposed taxes? Considering these taxes can amass quickly and seriously, do you really ever own anything in this world or are you just buying more junk to make your life miserable, by imposing more taxes? Where is the incentive to own anything in this country? What happens when you reach the age or predicament where you can no longer afford to pay your taxes?

Though we would like not to think so or to believe it will not happen on our watch, it’s happening everyday. Everything eventually ends up going to the Government or being taken away through "debilitating taxes". Now, how much did you pay? Now, how much did the government pay?

I understand the need for taxes, but do imposed taxes understand the needs of a people? As a people, did we do this to ourselves? Taxation without representation, "We won't pay taxes to you unless we have some say in the government. Can we vote for how we would like to be taxed or who would represent us? "Represent Us" can you depend on them? What can you say? How stuff works? How did that get turned around?

Can we resist the pressure and continued to receive tea? If you haven't gotten active yet, now's the time, folks. Scared, lazy and confused, many Americans do not know what to do. The Tea Party!

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