Tebow Mania

Hollywood having a change in heart? Is it really about overcoming adversity?

After all of these years of Profit Margin is Hollywood having a change in heart? Does that mean we are really going to help our poor?

With all due respect, Mr Tebow is setting a wonderful example. But why now, how did we get off track and why is this kind of religious expression receiving so much press? Why are we putting the pressure on Jesus Christ through football and Satan in the world?

The house of worship shook with the sounds of ecstasy and expectation, a harmonious howl of 76,556 "believers" roaring in unison for their weekly miracle.

But is this the way it’s supposed to be? Have your religion while watching football, hotdogs, Bud Light, music and rooting for a football team? That's just what we needed. Next bank robbers will be doing the same thing as evil bankers, politicians, world leaders.

“Games a lot bigger than this - Hollywood.”

I don't know what this world is coming to. We mean well, but that is just how far we are from reality. Why don’t we quit all the bullshit and direct that money and attention to helping the poor? Would we still make all those sounds? You can hear him but you cannot hear me?

They know!

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