Barriers to Sex

At the core of intimacy is compassion. How did I get into this mess? Okay cupid.

Why am I talking about sex so much? Because I believe sex is the start of it all and through Biblical stories, the Adam and Eve. Are you fighting with coming together? Will adults talk or will we tell them what we read?

I think of all those who commit themselves to abstaining from sex, look how miserable they are. They think because they do not have sex, that ability makes them more of a human being or is that a decent person, more discipline, power? But just think of the world without sex?

You can overdo anything, but think of a world that says you can only have sex this way. A world where sex is taboo? A society based on a class system. From where comes the idea or notion of human royalty?

Sexpert? Our religious leaders are some of our most racists and hypocritical people on earth. How can they counsel on the most intimate aspect of life, when they swear they are saving themselves for God – self righteous? How do they become one flesh – oral sex? How does that act become a sin? The more partners you've had in bed, the better are you. Well are you?

How is it that we have so much to give to over populated countries and harshly judge and deprive ourselves with abortion and birth control? Pointing a finger, how are you going to okay them and deny self?

Today, sex is so complicated you hardly know where to start. There are so many ways to show love or carry out sexually acts, but there is only one way to have sex. There are questions about when you actually get started, because you can introduce all kind of toys, positions and partners, but the actual act is the line of no return. And if there weren’t so much pressure or concern about how you do it or how better sex is supposed to be done then, there would be a lot less sexual glamour. People would feel free to follow their hearts.

If our society stopped exploiting sex then the people would consider it the same. But with every war there is Rape, Pillage and Burn. We’ve made sex our greatest selling point and means to dominate each other. You are not supposed to do it, yet every aspect of our lives focuses on it- sexual harassment, abuse, marriage; and money and power leads the way. Okay cupid.

Sexual Barriers: Your greatest sexual barrier is YOU. Your mind-set, the pressures you apply to and not to, overrides all the natural processes. Only you know why. Sex is deep thinking, safety, security, FREEDOM, innovation and creativity. Sex is everything to life. Sex is about letting go with the person(s) you love! Without sex, there would be no life.

And for all you people who think you’re so under control, we have a compassion problem, understanding it and carrying it out. We’re torn between war and love and war is winning. We want to give preferential treatment, without receiving it and that is cause for trickery.

We glorify the wrong things in people, everything but character. When we start to glorify character then everything else will fall in place, including good sex.

What about women rights, can’t they decide some shit for themselves? Can’t they best tell us?

But if we were compassionate to all, there would be much fewer sex scandals and crimes.

As natural as possible, Sex is a blessing. Children are a blessing. We are a blessing to each other. Why don’t we live like that? Good sex is the answer to all our problems, both economically and socially. How fulfilled are you?

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Commitment and expectations">For better or worse

Sex scandals

Complicated relationships

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