Terrorism In America

Hate crimes, Fire at Obama supporter's, Racial graffiti found at fire

How do you identify terrorism in America? Where do terrorists live in America? What is domestic terrorism?

How do you know a coward? What are acts of cowardice? Where do you find cowards?

A coward and a terrorist is one in the same. They are insecure people who feel they have no other option than to use violence to intimidate and inflict suffering on innocent people, to resolve their own problems and hide their own insecurities. Politically motivated violence to incite terror.

Terrorism at home, you never know if these kind of incidents are setups or unfortunate circumstances? However, they reveal some very useful information. They give an opportunity to access where we stand, test our abilities to resolve and discourage acts of terrorism, at home. Early on, it is very important to take appropriate action to set the stage for acts of terrorism to come.

No matter how poor our state of economy is and how hard everyone is working to get it back on a good track, there are always going to be some Ass Holes to create shit. They do it just for the "hell of it". They do not mine trying the system. They do not want to help nothing, but destroy all, not in a small way, but in a large way. They are cowards who think they can get away with these gross acts of intimidation and terrorism.

As we are launching one of the largest wars ever waged against world terrorism abroad, terrorism at home runs rampart. Sad to say, but cowardly individuals at home are also distracting, by plotting and committing audacious attacks against innocent citizens. You can take the racism out of it, if we are one people. These are overt acts of terrorism, aimed at terrorizing innocent people to a point they will run away. Violent crimes they commit indicates our need to wage war on terrorism at home. They pose the question; What are YOU going to do about it? Yes, YOU Mr. Department of Defensive, Justice, Homeland Security and any other governmental organizations for peace and prosperity at home.

My questions are: Where are you? Where is the Justice Department? Where is Homeland Security? These types of incidents should be taken very seriously and made public until the investigation is complete. The only way to discourage terrorism at home is to expose it.

fire destroyed home of a supporter of President Barack Obama

Identify Domestic Terrorist and Terrorism


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