The First Family

Now that they have divided and conquered us,,, Why must we look to the outside for family unity?

A family is the most important unit on or in the universe, what's happening to ours? What does CNN, ABC, CBS... tell you? Do you believe, why do you listen???

The First Family

Effective works of common interest, who is the first family?

Merging, emerging, what is a family, what constituted and do a family have to be of the same blood line, the first, as I knew it?If you say the President, you are far removed from what a family should be. Why would you put any other family above or below your family? How does one influence you to do that?

What about your gardens? Did the first family exist in the garden? Are you a parent before you have a garden? Why have a garden? Did the first family come out of the garden? Why do you do/follow everything they say and then disown your own? Why do “they” validate you, how?

Everywhere you go there is a first family, a first lady, what are the responsibilities of the first lady? How can you be a help mate to anyone who doesn’t want to help themselves? How, why is the strange relationship between Blacks and Whites? Who was and still is the first people? How did we, why did we allow the script to be flipped?

You do not go into a store and buy a family? Who do we choose and why to be apart of your family? What makes you think, you cannot have a family outside of your family? You can have family outside of your family, and if we are to be family you must listen and do effective work, having a common interest. Who doesn’t want to succeed?

Is a family like abusiness, should a family work together, in the most effective and efficient manner? Who decides? Why can’t we partner together? A family is a business.

We are too jealous and too envious to see that. Now, I think God for the people who understand where I am going with this?

This child-care bullshit is killing. They are making us feel guilty for their own shortcomings and we are prey to their programmed bullshit. You wife…She has to support you as much as you support her. Who says a man has to be the only one paying child support? Black people did not separate their families, but white folk did and they did it on and with purpose. They knew a family working for a common cause could not be stopped. This is where and why we should go BACK TO OUR ROOTS. Marcus Garvey tells you how.

All of which has totally destroyed our concept of family. You must respect everybody in the house.

You can see a lot of shit, but Can you see the merging of our families? When we are successful at merging "our own families", we will be successful at merging all families, the world over.

(((your inner

Segregation within integration...

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