What Are We Doing

Who are we? Why are we?

Is it better, what are we doing WRONG? Are we hiding behind any particular group? Do we need a group to blame? Why can't we take individual responsibility and beat them at their game?

How much effort does it take to beat a loser? Don't you think they are tired of losing, are you? Do you want to win? Do you know how?

Do we know what we need? Do we know how to spend our money? Why do we pay accounts, especially not doing their jobs?

Do we know how to invest? How many losses before you call it quits? Is time money and money time? Does it matter where you spend it? From whom you learn? Are we really willing to teach what we know or "Do we need to go back to school"?

Do you need a boss, somebody to tell you what to do? How to run a family? Would you tell me to "buttout"?

Some would say nothing! We say, “We’re working and praying, we sending up prayers and working like hell so everything can come out good.

Do you know how to start your own website? Do you know how they created fb, msn, aol, and other social networks.

Was it from and by providing good, credible information, on which you could depend? Who writes your newspaper? Laws, rules and regulations, how do they know?

We done have to get out in the streets anymore, riot, boycott, occupy, all we have to demonstrate, one step at at time, we have the ability to take care of ourselves.

Nobody will mess with you once you "demonstrate" you do not need them. Isn't that the way they treat you? And what do you keep doing, going back for more everything? Are you afraid to say "no thank you"?

What will they do? Will they hold your job? How long will you live? How long will you survive? Can you?

We’ve been complacent, non committal, too quite, too obedient, while knowing all the time.

Today, we know it takes! We’ve seen it possible! We know how to get it? Theirs is no law against it? Our ancestors paid for it, so why can’t we enjoy the inheritance, share and pass it on.

We know we are not here forever, so why screw up everything and take a chance on dying with a job half done. Today, we know how to make money. How to pull together and plan. We’re not doing it for ourselves, but so our kids, their kids, as best as we can, will have a better life.

We are regular humans beings determined to lead a good life, would you deny or help us?

Do you know how to live that? Do you know what's needed? Are you always coming up short? Now, you know why?

Who did you tell when things were going wrong at home? Who should you? Do we have a home? Can you speak your peace?

In this battle for "life and death", can you afford to be "let down"? Somebody has to pick up the slack, if you can. How do you make it? It's a standoff, are you going to surrender? Will they keep beating you down? You have got to take chances if you want to stay alive. Complete the cycle and safely return to Nature. Healthy insights.


The Promised Land and a cup of Joe

Refused, denied, rejected and stalemated - The Supercommittee What kind of supercommittee is that?

In what league are they? In what league are you? How could they hit all four at the same time?

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