The Harsh Economy

Really hurting struggling Americans

Americans forced to seek alternative sources to pay bills.

Family struggling to keep their home.

So pressed they had to ask for help.

These are not your regular welfare recipients. These are Americans who never thought they would have to suffer financially any more. Americans who are usually self-sufficient and pulling together to help one another.

A growing number of Americans, falling on hard times, are turning to charities and government programs for food and help to pay bills.

With humiliation and to save pride, some are doing so behind love one's back.

It is really hard, We've worked hard. It's a shame you work, work, work and still can not make ends meet.

The harsh economy -- loss of jobs, high cost of food and fuel and increase in home foreclosures are forcing many more Americans to seek alternative sources to help pay bills.

How long can this go on?

To turn around our economy, What can we do to help?

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